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Solar panels can wipe your energy bill. See how we can provide you with huge savings.

Why Choose to Install Solar?

Eliminate Energy Bills

Adding a solar system helps you reduce or even eliminate energy bills.

Low Maintenance

Our systems are built to last for decades and need very little maintenance. 

Save the Environment

Solar energy reduces your carbon footprint as a clean source of energy.

Energy Monitoring

Allows you to track how much energy you are producing and using any time of the day.

Take Ownership

Solar allows you to know exactly where and how your energy is produced.

Great Rebates

We help you take advantage of the many rebates available to make your project cost-effective.

Solar Solutions For Domestic and Commercial

Solar electricity is more than just installing solar panels. It is about finding the right location, the right angles for Gippsland, and building an electrical system that will effectively harness the sun’s power while meeting all standards and requirements. So, when it comes to installing solar panels, you need to ensure you are using expert solar electricians.

At Connected Solar Gippsland, we work with licensed electricians with extensive experience in the solar industry and provide you with the best solar solutions built to last. Our solar electricians are experienced in all aspects of solar, from installations, maintenance to ensure your solar panels working, and testing, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the informed advice to help you make the best decision for all your solar needs.

With a dedicated team of electricians and support staff, we are equipped to extend our cost effective, high-quality, and innovative solutions to our valuable customers in Gippsland and surrounding suburbs of Traralgon, Gippsland, Warragul, Drouin, Pakenham, Yarra Glen, Sale, Bunyip, Koo Wee Rup, and Garfield. Whether you need help with residential or commercial property, our solar team has the knowledge and experience to see it through!

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Grid Solar Power

The Top solar power choice

We know you have many options when it comes to hiring a solar company in Gippsland. But here are some of the top reasons why Connected Solar Gippsland is the best option for the installation of solar panel systems –

In an industry where companies come and go, we are here for the long term. We ensure our customers are looked after long after installing their solar systems for any upgrades and maintenance.


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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Installation Gippsland

How Much Can You Save with Solar Installation Gippsland?

For a large number of residents of Australia, going solar is fast becoming their top choice. Since the cost of electricity rises with each passing day, you also need to take advantage of the generous solar rebates and have a solar system installed on your property.

Solar systems are a great investment and can help you save money for many decades. Even though solar panels are a long-term investment, they pay for themselves quickly. Since the solar system will generate most of the electricity you need to power your home and feed back into the grid, with roof or ground mounted solar, make the savings grow. So call our Gippsland Solar team to give you a free quote today.

How Much Money Can You Save?

When we talk about solar system savings, we talk about the avoided energy costs or the amount of money you would have spent on energy bills if you had not installed solar panels. On an average, you can save anywhere from $640 to $1300 per year depending on the size of your  solar system and your usage. Most homeowners in Gippsland’s can expect their solar panels to pay for themselves in between 3-4 years. Solar panel systems will help you save money and bring returns on investment in no time. The rising property costs, lowered energy bills and tax credits will ease the upfront cost of installing solar panels. Since the price of energy shows no signs of dropping, investing in solar energy is the smart move to save money and even shrink your carbon footprint. 

Calculating your solar savings doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, we have created a solar calculator to help you. Use this simple solar calculator to estimate your solar savings. This takes into consideration many different factors and provides an estimate. Our solar power installers provide grid solar power right across Gippsland, from Traralgon, Warragul, Drouin, Morwell to Bairnsdale, offering quality installations at great prices. We even provide solar power Moe residents rely on. 

All you have to do is to provide a few details and we do the rest. Test it yourself!

In simple words, solar is the most abundant source of energy found on Earth. About 173 000 TWh of solar energy strikes the Earth every hour. It is about 10,000 times more than the total energy needed by the whole world. The main benefit of solar energy is that it is the cleanest energy source and does not produce any pollutants. It is a non-polluting energy source, easy to install, and low maintenance.

By taking advantage of the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity, solar energy is the best solution for overcoming the current climate crisis and reducing our dependence on fuel which is in limited quantity. Make the switch to top solar power today and discuss the endless options we have including solar batteries

Connected Solar Gippsland

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If you are tired of paying too much for electricity from the grid or if you’re after solar power heating, call Connected Solar Gippsland today! Our licensed solar experts will design and install a solar power system that is just right for you and your needs. If you have any questions, whether you’re concern is can solar panels damage your roof, call our experts today.

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Things To Be Aware of Before Purchasing Solar

If you are thinking of investing in a solar system that is cheap and of poor quality, all the effort might not be worth it. Many solar panel vendors sell underperforming solar panels from China that can go out of business pretty soon, putting your warranty at risk. In addition, many solar installers do not attend to customer service requests, which can turn into a nightmare. So instead of going with the cheapest installer out there, pick a reputable and licensed solar installer with professional electricians in their team. Ensure they use quality brands like Trina Solar too and install the correct size system, like a 10kw solar system. Before you sign up for an installation, make sure to check the reputation of the installer and the quality of solar panels they provide. So trust the experts from Connected Solar Gippsland for your solar install. Whether you’re in Garfield, Leongatha or all the way to Phillip Island, we’ve got you covered. Call today for a free quote or complete our contact form.

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