Enphase is the best brand battery for solar in Australia. The brand is known for providing high-quality products with the Enphase IQ leveraging its latest technology on inverters.

What makes their solar batteries great is that they can work with existing solar power systems. They also come with useful software that will provide insights into one’s power usage.

At Connected Solar Gippsland, our Gippsland solar services come with the best batteries available. Our team of experienced solar installers are experts in setting up Enphase solar batteries.

For this blog, we’ll discuss the main elements to consider when choosing a solar battery.

How to Choose the Best Solar Battery

To choose the best solar battery for your needs, consider the following:

Battery Capacity

A solar battery’s capacity is one of the first things potential buyers should consider. These batteries are rated in amp-hours, which is a clear indication of their fully developed capacity.

A battery can take hundreds of charging cycles before it can reach its full capacity or accomplish that in just tens of cycles. Keep in mind that solar batteries with lengthy warm-up cycles are more likely to last longer than those with a high initial capacity.

Lifespan and Charge/Discharge Cycles

Solar battery brands are constantly competing against each other to produce robust products that can last longer than their competitors. Manufacturers usually design batteries to make them more resistant to heat and cold cycles so that they can deliver peak performance at all times.

The 3 main factors that affect the lifespan of a battery are depth of discharge, cyclic life, and temperature. Make sure you check for all of them before deciding to purchase one.

Peak Power Output

The kilowatt peak or kWp is a metric that can be used to classify solar batteries. This amount is a battery’s theoretical peak power output when exposed to ideal conditions. It works more like a measure of comparison rather than an absolute unit.

As you choose a solar battery, look into the kWp rating of your desired product. The higher its peak output rating, the better.

Round-Trip Efficiency

A solar battery’s round-trip efficiency is the amount of energy that can be calculated as a percentage based on the energy used to store it. For example, if 50kWh of electricity is transmitted into a battery that can output only 40kWh, its round-trip efficiency would be 80%.

Make sure you choose a solar battery that has a high round-trip efficiency. Batteries with high round-trip efficiency are more economical.

Ambient Working Temperature

The ambient working temperature of a solar battery is the average air temperature that surrounds it. This is a rating that shows the right temperature in which the product will perform best.

Buy a solar battery with a high ambient working temperature to ensure it can work even in extreme temperatures.


Finally, you should purchase a solar battery that offers the most extended guarantee. Read the warranty details carefully so you’ll know what to expect in case something goes wrong.

Most reputable brands, like Enphase, provide solar batteries in 2022 that come with hassle-free warranties.