You can check if your solar panels are working by looking at the colour of the lights on your inverter. A green light means that your system is working as intended, while a red or orange colour during daytime implies that there’s a problem. An error code may show up on its display to help you identify the issue.

As an alternative, you can also check the user interface of the inverter through a web portal to see what’s causing the problem. Contact your solar installer if you don’t know how.

This blog will discuss the ways you can check if your solar panels are operational and what causes them to stop working.

How Do You Test If a Solar Panel is Charging?

You can test if a solar panel is charging by using a solar charge controller. This device will display how much electricity is currently being generated by a solar panel. It will also tell you how much current it is producing.

In case you don’t have a solar charge controller and your solar battery is directly linked to your system, you’ll need an alternative way to test if your panels are charging. A digital multimeter will help measure DC voltage using probes so you can tell if your solar panel system is working as intended.

How Do I Know If My Solar Panels Are Faulty?

You’ll know if your solar panels are faulty by looking for the following signs:

Low Output

One of the best ways you can check if your solar panels are having problems is when you notice a significant drop in their performance and output. Then, you can measure its output and compare it with the system’s stated specifications to verify.

Physical Damage

Although solar panels can be quite durable thanks to their tempered glass construction, external factors can still cause damage to them. If you notice cracks on your solar panels, it’s best to call an expert to have them repaired or replaced.

What Stops a Solar Panel From Working?

A major reason that can cause a solar panel to stop working is shading. Even partial shading to one or two panels can result in a significant reduction in system output.

Solar panel owners should check if any trees, branches, or structures could obstruct their system from receiving full sunlight. Keep in mind that this may not be entirely obvious in the middle of the day when the sun is higher.

Can a Broken Solar Panel Still Work?

A broken solar panel can still work and produce electricity. However, its output won’t be as high as its original since the damaged part is no longer available to soak up sunlight.

Taking care of solar panels may be easy, but it’s not always possible for people with busy schedules.

It’s best to contact a solar panel expert as soon as you notice any sort of damage to your solar panel system. These experts will know what to do to resolve this situation.