You should install a 5kW solar system if you’re in a medium or large household of up to 5 individuals and in an average-sized home of up to 4 bedrooms. This system size should cover your electricity needs while allowing you to cut down on power costs. It also adds value to the home while reducing your carbon footprint.

But just like any significant purchase, learning whether a 5kW solar panel system is the best choice for you or not is essential. Deciding on a system that’s either too small or big for your home can result in energy savings that fall short of expectations.

In this post, we’ll answer the most common questions solar installers get about a 5kW system to help you finalise your decision.

How Much Money Will I Save With a 5KW Solar System?

In Australia, you can save as much as $1,000 every time you receive your electricity bill. Keep in mind that this figure varies depending on the quality of products your solar system uses and your location.

Meanwhile, the feed-in tariff will affect your yearly savings.

How Much Power Will a 5KW System Produce?

A 5kW system can produce approximately 20kW of power per day. The majority of the energy it generates will be done around 10 AM to 2 PM when the sun is at its highest.

Is a 5KW Solar Power System Large Enough?

A 5kW solar power system is large enough for families of up to 5 people. Such systems are quite prevalent because they can cover a bit more than the average electricity cost in most homes.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a 5KW Solar System?

In Australia, installing a 5kW solar system costs around $3,000 to $6,000. The final price will still depend on the location and the quality of the products used.

How Much Space Will I Need On My Roof?

You’ll need at least 36 square metres of space on your roof to accommodate all of the solar panels that support a 5kW system. However, there are ways you can install solar panels in case your home doesn’t have this amount of space available.

It’s best to seek help from a professional solar installer to find out how to go about it.

How Long Will It Take to Pay Back a 5KW Solar System?

It will take about 3 years to pay back a 5kW solar panel system. Keep in mind that such a payback period will still depend on the total price you paid for the system, your location, and your chosen installer.

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