If you own a large property that consumes around 35 to 40kWh of energy each day, then you’ll find an 8kW solar power system to be the right size for your needs. The same is true with small businesses that have an average daily consumption of 30 to 48kWh.

Many Gippsland solar homeowners have found that an 8kW system is more than enough to lower their electricity bills.

In this blog, let’s take look at the most common questions asked when deciding to buy an 8kW solar PV system.

How Much Can I Save With an 8KW System?

A quality 8kW solar power system can save you about $3,500 each year on electricity bills. However, keep in mind that the exact amount will still depend on the amount of electricity you consume and the amount you send back to the grid.

To save as much money as possible before your quarterly bill, you should use about 40kWh during daylight hours throughout the summer months.

How Much Energy Can I Produce With an 8KW Solar System?

An 8kW solar system can produce around 35kW of energy each day. But like any solar PV system, the actual output depends on factors like roof pitch, location, shading, and quality of the panels used.

Is an 8KW System Enough For My Needs?

An 8kW solar PV system is enough for large households that have high electricity requirements. For homeowners with large appliances such as dryers and washers and an electricity budget of more than $500, then an 8kW system will be sufficient.

For really big properties, perhaps a more extensive system is the better choice. If you want to know, ‘should I install a 10kW solar system?’ then read our blog to find out.

How Much is the Cost of Installing an 8KW Solar Panel System?

You can expect to pay an average of $7,200 to buy and install an 8kW solar panel system. It’s important to note that the exact price will still depend on the overall quality of the panels used and the brand.

Although there are cheaper alternatives available, these products won’t be as efficient compared to their premium counterparts.

How Much Space Will an 8KW System Need?

You’ll need approximately 34 to 45 square metres of roof space to install an 8kW solar PV system for your home. This is because a typical 8kW system has around 21 to 28 solar panels included.

However, the exact roof space will depend on the type and quality of solar panels you use.

How Long is the Payback Period for an 8KW Solar System?

The average payback period for an 8kW solar power system is around 3 to 5 years. The good news is that you can get this started as soon as your new system generates solar power.

Make sure you buy a high-quality solar system to guarantee investment return in as little time as possible.

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