No, solar panels that are installed by a professional Gippsland solar installer won’t damage your roof. It’s normal to think that adding a solar power system to the roof might lead to damaging it. As long as the solar panels are installed correctly, and the roof doesn’t have existing damage, there shouldn’t be a problem.

With that said, installing a solar PV array isn’t something a group of buddies without experience can do over the weekend. People attempting to set up solar panels without proper training and knowledge can easily damage their roofs.

At Connected Solar Gippsland, we always recommend having an expert handle such a task. An experienced solar installer can complete your project on time and within your allocated budget.

This blog will talk more about the positive effects solar panels have on the roof and if they affect its warranty.

Do Solar Panels Protect Your Roof?

Yes, solar panels are capable of protecting the roof. It helps preserve the roof by:

Protecting From Weather

Solar panels provide an additional layer on the roof, helping protect it from adverse effects caused by inclement weather. For example, hail that pummels the roof during a hailstorm can wear it down as time goes by.

When you have a solar PV system on your rooftop, the solar panels can block the roof’s surface from being hit directly by outdoor elements. This helps protect it while making it last longer.  

Providing a Cooling Effect

Besides protecting the roof, solar panels can also shade it during high temperatures. A study has found that a solar array set up on the roof has a cooling effect on the overall structure.

The main reason for this is that the roof gets less direct sunlight. This means that the roof will absorb less heat and make the house cooler.

Do Solar Panels Affect Roof Warranty?

Solar panels don’t affect a roof’s warranty because they don’t change the roof’s materials or its installation. The only real changes that will be made on the roof are drilling holes into them for wiring solar panels.

When performed by a professional solar installer, a roof’s warranty should remain valid. It’s even possible to have an existing warranty containing provisions for the installation of solar panels.

It’s still important to check and verify your current roof warranty to ensure that a solar panel installation won’t cause it to be void. Standard roof warranties often include a warranty concerning the materials and installer. These elements guarantee that reliable materials are used, and the installation is performed correctly.

To avoid potential problems when installing a solar PV system on your roof, hire a professional installer to do the job.